PATH International

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International is a non-profit association that provides equine-assisted activities including the use of horseback riding as a form of treatment for persons with emotional, physical and learning disabilities. PATH International is based in Denver, Colorado and is the former North American Riding for Handicapped Association or NARHA established in 1969.

path international

The goal of PATH International is to change and improve lives by promoting therapeutic horseback riding and providing other equine assisted programs such as hippotherapy, equine facilitated psychotherapy, stable management as well as activities such as vaulting, driving, trail riding, competition and ground work. PATH International boasts of nearly 30,000 volunteers, almost 2000 instructors and 5800 program equines. PATH receives support from a lot of contributors from around the world to provide a difference in the lives of persons with disabilities and special needs.

PATH International also educates the people regarding the positive impact of animal and human bonding while setting out national standards for safe and reliably equine assisted activities. Accreditation programs offered by each PATH center across the US and Canada ensures the high quality and safety of the equine assisted activities. A center gets the needed accreditation or a Premier Accredited Center for a span of 5 years through a review system which sees to it that each center operates according to PATH standards.

PATH International also includes 800 member centers around the world served by 3500 certified instructors. More than 6500 PATH International members provide therapy and help to more than 42,000 individuals with physical, mental and emotional challenges using the power of the horse. New programs include offering human development and growth to serve a wide range of individuals in terms of educating or leadership training, team building and other activities for developing enhancement skills in the workplace.

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